Upcoming Performances

Want to see some Scarlett?  Catch her at one of her upcoming performances or productions!

A Very Varied Variety Show!

September 27th, 2016
Highbrow/Lowbrow: A Very Varied Variety Show gets continues the experimental, fantastical vibe with beautiful, bizarre, and badass artistry! Come claim your inner badass with us as we take you on a journey of art, beauty, oddity, feels, and fun!


Bodacious Barbarian Babes vs. The Indigo Empress!
A burlesque sword and sorcery epic starring Miss Indigo Blue!

October 7th and 8th, 2016
Long ago, before what we now call history, there was a land known of only in story and song  A land of magic!  A land of adventure!  A land where mighty warriors roamed and hunted!  A land  Of Bodacious Barbarian Babes!


Burlesque on Mars
A tribute to the works of David Bowie!

October 15th, 2016
With a career that spans six decades, Bowie is arguably one of the most influential personae in modern pop culture. A master of reinvention and experimentation, his influence can be felt in not only music, but also film and fashion. This will be an evening devoted to burlesque acts inspired by Bowie’s music, fashion and film career.