Solo Acts



Meteor is an act about the bright, beautiful, and brief life of a shooting star.  One of Scarlett’s signature acts, it’s been accepted into the Sunday Night Showcase at the 2015 Hollywood Burlesque Festival.  The act is performed to Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen.

Crush! Kill! Destroy!

Godzilla rises from the deep to hump your city to death!  This act is angry, aggressive, and sexy, having menaced Seattle, Portland, and Vancouver B.C.!  It’s performed to a custom mashup of Godzilla by Blue Oyster Cult and Kaiju by Tribe One.




The Red Act

Sometimes all you need is a color to get excited. In Scarlett’s case, that color is RED.  This high-energy bump n’ grind is performed to Tank! by The Seatbelts.

Dungons and Dragons

Many young nerds in basements across the country roll dice to pretend to be bigger, stronger, and cooler than they really are. Scarlett knows that feel, bro, as she transforms into the barbarian she’s always dreamed of being.  She then fights a dragon to the strains of Wolfmother’s Colossal.


Super Shimmy!

Scarlett pushes her fringe and tassels to the very limit in this high-energy piece!  Sparkly, flirty, fun, and did we mention high-energy?  Scarlett leaves the audience (and the stage) gasping after performing to the JXL remix of A Little Less Conversation.


Wil Says: Don’t Be A Dick

This is an act about a sad, nerdy kid growing up to embrace their nerdiness and awesomeness while rocking out to I’m The One That’s Cool by The Guild. It’s also an act about Wil Wheaton, who has seen the act, and had this to say:

And, as if the existence of the Cape of Dicks (2.0) wasn’t awesome enough on its own, the woman who made it for me is a jaw-droppingly beautiful burlesque dancer who performs a set as WESLEY FUCKING CRUSHER TURNING INTO ME WITH WHEADONESQUE(sic) BURLESQUE.

Yeah. This is the life I apparently live, and I hope I never wake up.

The Purple Act

Sometimes, all Scarlett wants to be is the sexiest bitch in the room.  This slow, sultry chair dance seduces, excites, and leaves the audience wanting more.  It’s performed to She’s Long Gone by The Black Keys.



Vampires represent two things:  Sex and death.  Scarlett brings both of those in spades to the stage in this dangerous lap dance to Lady Gaga’s Teeth.


What does a person do when touching the person they love could easily turn deadly?  This is the question Scarlett explores as Rogue from the X-Men pining over Gambit.  The solution is pretty obvious when you think about it!  The act is performed to Untouched by The Veronicas.



Sometimes when you look into the future, you don’t see what you were expecting…  This act was originally created as a Professor Trelawney piece for Accio Burlesque! but easily transitions to non-nerd shows as a quirky fortuneteller.  It is performed primarily to Jolie Coquine by Caravan Palace.

The Scarf

Remember the Fourth Doctor and his amazing scarf? Remember his Time Lady Companion, Romana? Scarlett’s here to take a look at what might have been going on back in that TARDIS in the 70’s, to the strains of Skintight by The Scissor Sisters.


Major Kira

You can take the girl out of the resistance, but you can’t take the resistance out of the girl.  Scarlett’s tribute act to major Kira of Deep Space Nine showcases Kira’s transition from rebel fighter to military officer with aggressive flair.  As Nana Visitor (Kira’s actor) told Scarlett, “Being reasonable is overrated.”  The act is performed to Bad Girls by MIA.

Afraid of Americans

Originally developed for a David Bowie tribute show, this act is creepy, sexy, and confusing as to its form and function.  All of which are things David Bowie would likely approve of.  Scarlett uses disjointed and unnerving movements to great effect in this piece, performed to I’m Afraid of Americans by David Bowie and Trent Reznor


Call Me A Hole

Some songs speak to you when you first hear them. This song said, simultaneously, “I’m the happiest person alive!” and “I’m the most dangerous person alive!” Scarlett knew then what she had to do…  Create an act to Call Me A Hole, a mashup of Head Like A Hole by Nine Inch Nails, and Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen.

GinnyWeasley, Quidditch Star!

Created for Accio Burlesque, this act is a celebration of the post-book accomplishments of Ginny Weasley from Harry Potter.  Namely, becoming a professional Seeker for the Holyhead Harpies, an all-female Quidditch team.  As Tina Fey says, “Bitches get stuff done.”  Scarlett as Ginny has a similar motto:  Bitches Get Snitches.  The act is performed to Cherry Bomb by The Runaways and Infinity Guitars by Sleigh Bells.


Even more solo acts!

  • Smuggling Steam – Sometimes in the Victorian days, people had needs that weren’t strictly legal. Scarlett is here to help!
  • Spider Splicer – Things have gone terribly, terribly wrong in the underwater city of Rapture, the mind-altering effects of which Scarlett explores in this act based on the video game Bioshock.
  • The Doctor Arrives – What’s this?  The Fourth Doctor has found herself at a burlesque show?  Well, there’s nothing to do but join in!
  • Arctic Fox – A playful exploration of the winter as one of nature’s most adorable predators.
  • Frostbite – If you get lost in the cold woods in winter, you’ll almost certainly die…  But sometimes instead of killing you, the cold changes you.
  • White and Nerdy – Performed the Weird Al song of the same name, it’s Scarlett and butt tricks.  What more do you need?
  • Marry The Night – Half Lady Gaga tribute, half exploration of mythology, all reverse strip about the moon.
  • Psychic Phenomena – No institution run by human men can stop Scarlett from escaping in this intense and explosive number.  Featuring real live telekinesis!
  • Age of Empires – It’s a journey through the ages of civilization. With stripping!
  • Everyday Sexism – This act will succinctly and hilariously explain why you should never tell women to smile.
  • Zombie Hunter – This reverse strip is about a woman getting ready for the job she loves! Turns out the job is fighting zombies.
  • Killer Queen Butterfly – For Dr. Mrs. The Monarch from The Venture Bros, sometimes after a long day of arch-villainy you just want to take off your spandex and unwind.
  • Agent Coulson – How do you go on after a life-altering event? Where do you find the strength to keep going?  Scarlett explores these questions in this reverse strip as Agent Coulson from Agents of SHIELD.
  • Sunblock – Some people love sunbathing. Not Scarlett and her Irish-German skin. Hisssssss!