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And, as if the existence of the Cape of Dicks (2.0) wasn’t awesome enough on its own, the woman who made it for me is a jaw-droppingly beautiful burlesque dancer who performs a set as WESLEY FUCKING CRUSHER TURNING INTO ME WITH WHEDONESQUE BURLESQUE.

Yeah. This is the life I apparently live, and I hope I never wake up.

– Wil Wheaton


The Lone Gunmen absolutely steal the show with their nerdy strip tease and fake facial hair.

– Pepper Ashely


Scarlett O’Hairdye ended the evening with a hilarious routine devoted to the ‘Nerd Pope’ Wil Wheaton, Star Trek’s Wesley Crusher and now pop culture icon.

– Jeremy Buben


Andrew Lee Creech and Corey Spruill do fantastic work as the duo, though Creech (Rob) gets the most personality. They are called upon to recreate period choreography (with help from Diana Cardiff) to great effect. And are costumed outrageously well by Scarlett O’Hairdye.

– Miryam Gordon


What nerdlesque would be complete without sexy sexy robots?! Scarlett O’Hairdye and Bolt Action, the duet who do it, are unstoppable.

– Mary P. Traverse

My friend took me last night to a sold-out show called Boobs and the Bard. We few, we happy few! Unnatural Redhead Productions put on quite a show. Sections of the performance were quiet and classy with the reading of sonnets in a gorgeous state of undress. Other sections were a little more madcap. It’s lovely to see Shakespeare come alive in new ways so often.

– Cathy Tenzo


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