Online Personal Shopping Services

If you’re busy and need to buy something specific, let me take care of the hard part!  I’m extremely good at scouring the internet to find the perfect item to fill your needs.   Whether you’re a burlesque performer looking for a strange prop or special effect, love shoes but hate searching for them, or need a fancy dress for a party, I can find it for you and save you the work.  Love Etsy?  Hate searching it?  That’s what I’m here for!

I charge an upfront fee payable through PayPal or Amazon Payments, then will ask you what you’re looking for, your budget, and your size/measurements if applicable.  Once I have those, I’ll deliver you an email with several options linked within 24 hours, at which point you can purchase your favorite.  (If I cannot begin the search for you within 24 hours I will let you know immediately.)  If I cannot find the item you’re seeking, I’ll refund your fee.

I charge:
$10 per item.
$20 for up to three items.
$30 for up to five items.
$40 for up to seven items.
$50 for up to ten items.

Email me here and let me find stuff for you!

Recommendations and Reviews!

I waste a ton of time finding the perfect prop or costume item online for my burlesque acts. For
whatever reason, my online search skills are poor, at best. I posted a question regarding small smoke
machines; and within minutes, Scarlett was able to find me the perfect small, smoke machine that I can
hide on my body! Not only did she find me the perfect smoke machine, she sent me multiple options,
varying in size and price. I love sending my search challenges her way and seeing what she finds.

~ Iva Handfull

I had been searching for the perfect boots for one of my routines and wasn’t finding anything that fit
the look or my budget.  After posting about my fruitless quest, within a matter of minutes Scarlett was
sending me links to boots that worked with my costume, and within my budget.  Her google-fu is strong!
I now own an amazing pair of boots that not only look fabulous, but are also comfortable and well
made.  I swear she has access to a part of the internet that I didn’t know existed!

~Mae Kim Beg