The Duet That Do It

Bolt Action is probably an android running on lightning and the power of rock. Scarlett O’Hairdye is probably an alien spy sent to Earth who got distracted by Star Trek and rhinestones. They met. They married. Now they strip together in a bid for world domination as The Duet That Do It!


Robots Give You Bass

Scarlett and Bolt are here with their signature duet for one purpose and one purpose only:  To shove their basslines into your face.  Repeatedly.  Nonstop.  Until I Give You Bass by Fukkk Offf is finished playing.

Stayin’ Hot In Here

The Beegees and Nelly are two great things that sound great with boning.  Let Scarlett and Bolt transport you back to the key parties of the Seventies, but with a modern twist.  While you’re there, enjoy the ridiculously excellent mashup of Getting Hot In Here and Stayin’ Alive.


Monopoly Brawl

Scarlett and Bolt’s game of Monopoly ends like every other game of Monopoly:  Badly.  Performed to Above and Beyond by Bassnectar.


A classic burlesque performer is initially extremely displeased when Rick Astley interrupts her number with Never Gonna Give You Up.  It all works out all right in the end, though!


Twelfth Night Fanfiction

Literature fans have always wondered “What if?”  For example, “What if in Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, Duke Orsino and Viola had just decided to go for it while she was still in disguise as Cesario?”  Fortunately, Scarlett and Bolt are here to answer that question to I Can’t Fight This Feeling Anymore by REO Speedwagon.


Scarlett and Bolt perform a heartfelt modern dance tribute to an under-appreciated part of the human anatomy.  Performed to I Will Sing A Lullaby by Paul and Storm.


Other Group Numbers:

  • The Lone Gun Ladies – Scarlett O’Hairdye, Tootsie Spangles and Sailor St. Claire join forces to bring the Lone Gunmen to the stage in all their X-Files-y weirdness.
  • Love Machine – Scarlett teams up with Miss Elaine Yes to explore the private lives of Doctor Krieger and his holographic anime wife from Archer.
  • Willows – Scarlett is joined by Sailor St. Claire as they portray Vampire Willow and regular Willow from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  This act might be kinda gay.