Solo Acts

My solo acts are fairly varied in theme, though they certainly skew geeky.  I’m also always willing to develop new acts for new themes!

White and Nerdy



This act combines two things I love:  Twerking and Weird Al.  It’s a plotless booty-fest performed to Weird Al’s “White and Nerdy,” which is pretty much my personal theme song.


Russell Edgington/Vampire



This act was originally created for An Evening At Merlottes:  Burlesque Inspired by True Blood.  I was cast as Russell Edgington, the Vampire King of Mississippi.  My cousin actually plays the character on the show, so I was lucky enough to get him to record some custom dialog to use at the beginning of the act.  I later re-purposed the act into a general vampire piece simply by not doing it in male drag and by removing the custom dialog.  The act is performed to Lady Gaga’s “Teeth.”


Arctic Fox



This act was created for a mythological winter-themed show.  It’s a dance-heavy piece about an arctic fox frolicking in the snow, and is performed to “Passion,” by The Yoshida Brothers.



This act was also created for the mythological winter show.  I was loosely inspired by the myths of the Wendigo, a terrible creature that, in some lore, will transform lost travelers into creatures like itself.  The act is a tale about a woman who gets lost in the winter woods, but instead of killing her, the cold changes her…  It is performed to “Falling” by Bassnectar.


 Wil Wheaton/I’m The One That’s Cool

This is my tribute act to that most well-known of nerds, Wil Wheaton.  I love Wil Wheaton–he’s a delightful person and essentially the Nerd Pope.  In this act, I begin as sad young Wesley Crusher, then become enamored by The Beard, put it on, and transform into the adult Wil Wheaton.  It’s performed to “I’m The One That’s Cool” by The Guild, and at its heart it is the story of a sad awkward kid who grows up to be cool.


Meteor/Don’t Stop Me Now

I begin in gray and black, as a rock floating through space.  Then I enter the Earth’s atmosphere and things heat up!  I strip to a red shimmy dress, then starburst bra and undies, twirling my veil fans as I burn up in the atmosphere.  Eventually I burn out and die, as the star that burns brightest burns shortest.  The act is performed to “Don’t Stop Me Now” by Queen.  (Photography by Jessica L. Drake.)


Okami/Heat Island 

This act was developed for the JOYstick! video game themed burlesque show.  It’s based upon the video game Okami, which features the Japanese sun goddess Amaterasu saving Japan in the form of a white wolf.  I based my costuming off of the wolf character, incorporated some Japanese fan dancing, and shook my ass a lot.  The act is performed to “Heat Island Fireball” by the Japanese hip-hop band Rhymester.


The Doctor Arrives/Doctorin’ The Tardis

I developed this act for a Doctor Who themed burlesque show.  The Fourth Doctor is my favorite of the classic Doctors, so there was nothing to do but knit myself an enormous scarf and go shopping for some tweed.  I open the act by bantering with the Emcee while in character, then perform to “Doctorin’ The Tardis” by The KLF.  Jelly Babies are involved.


All Spliced Up/Anything Goes

Oh, Bioshock.  One of my favorite creepy video games.  I developed this act for an apocalypse-themed show, which was appropriate for the video game as the underwater city of Rapture has undergone its own apocalypse.  I begin as a Splicer–a resident of Rapture who has gone insane from too-much gene splicing.  However, I remember what I used to be–an aspiring performer.  After accidentally turning on a radio from knocking it off a chair, I perform to “Anything Goes” by Cole Porter.  The full  act music is a custom mix of music from the video game and the Cole Porter song.  Gore makeup abounds.


Go Go Godzilla/My Little Godzilla

Sometimes a girl just wants to dress up like a big purple monster and kick over cardboard buildings.  So she does.  My Godzilla act involves the aforementioned cardboard buildings, a bench “bridge,” toy cars, bumps n’ grinds, and a whole lot of snarling facial expressions.  Also a building gets humped and there are scales in unexpected places.  The act is performed to “Go Go Godzilla” by The Blue Oyster Cult.  (Photography by Jessica L. Drake.)


The Scarf/Skintight

Remember when I said that the Fourth Doctor was my favorite Doctor?  Well, Romana is my favorite Companion of his, and I think they got up to some shenanigans on that TARDIS back in the 70’s.  This is my vision of what Romana would get up to if left alone with that remarkable scarf.  It is performed to “Skintight” by the Scissor Sisters, with some TARDIS sound effects spliced in.


Roll A D6

D&D allows you to act out your fantasies of being a barbarian, a wizard, or a thief.  In this case, it’s a fantasy of being a sexy warrior lady and fighting a dragon!  The act is performed to “Roll a D6,” a D&D-themed parody of “Like a G6.”  (Photos copyright Ralph Gayle.)


Smuggling Steam/The Smuggler’s Song

You know, the Victorians were a very repressed bunch, and sometimes repressed people have needs.  Needs they can’t just find at the corner store or the local market.  When that happens, they call the Smuggler.  I have everything a person might want, hidden in various places on my body.  The act is performed to “The Smuggler’s Song” by The Bilge Pumps.


Uniform Hate/Do Your Thing

Sometimes jobs suck.  Sometimes they make you wear terrible uniforms, uniforms that you hate.  What’s a person to do but to quit in a blaze of glory?  This is an act about that moment.  It’s performed to “Do Your Thing” by Basement Jaxx.  (Photography by Chris Blakely.)