Duo Acts

In addition to performing solo acts, I regularly create and perform duo acts with my burlesque life partner, Bolt Action.  Please peruse them below.


Robots Give You Bass

Silver lame and LEDs abound in our robot number!  This act lights up the stage, both literally and with our choreographed hip-hop and modern dance moves.  There is no storyline, just two robots who are programmed to do only one thing:  Push their basslines into your face, over and over.  It is performed to a custom mix of “I Give You Bass” by Fukkk Offf.  (Photos copyright Jessica L. Drake.)


I’m Your Moon/Pluto and Charon

When Pluto was officially demoted to dwarf planet, forever screwing up the My Very Eccentric Mother Just Gave Us Nine Pickles mnemonic, a lot of people were upset.  No one was more upset than Pluto, though.  Fortunately for him, he’s not completely alone out there.  Charon, Pluto’s moon, is there to remind him that no matter what astronomers decide, she’ll always be there for him.  The act is performed to “I’m Your Moon” by Johnathan Coulton.  (Photos copyright Jessica L. Drake.)


First of May

Winter is finally over, and as spring begins, it brings up all kinds of delightful thoughts and feelings about romance.  And about humping, as a male dryad and flower nymph demonstrate alongside ballet in this act.  It’s performed to “First of May” by Johnathan Coulton.  (Photos copyright Jessica Glein.)


Overly Personal Trainer

Ever wondered what your personal trainer is thinking about while you struggle through all those reps?  Well, it turns out to be extremely unprofessional in this case.  The act is performed to “Harder You Get” by the Scissor Sisters, and it involved a creative use of an exercise ball.  (Photos copyright Chris Blakely.)